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A shepherd found a gold nugget weighing 8 kg!

A shepherd found a gold nugget weighing 8 kg!

Some people buy gold, some people spend years searching for it and others are simply lucky enough to find it on their way. Anyhow, everybody wants a piece of it. The government of the country in which this nugget was found wishes to confiscate it, while the regional department of conservation seeks to keep it for cultural reasons.


This time this valuable find belongs to the Kazakh shepherd who found it even though it was in the territory of China. Literally at once, the government reacted and hurried up to declared the find to be the property of the state.

On the other hand, the regional department of conservation would like to appropriate the find but it seems that it is impossible to make a gold nugget a cultural property.

The nugget consists of 80% gold. For an uncertain period of time it remained in an open field until it was found by the shepherd. Defenders of Human Rights claim that in this situation the nugget isn't a mineral as it was found on the surface and not in the subsoil. Therefore these defenders considered that the find belongs to the shepherd, and the Government has no rights to confiscate it.


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