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Peter Schiff states: “the price of gold grows!” Will this valuable asset bring more income to its owners?

Peter Schiff states: “the price of gold grows!” Will this valuable asset bring more income to its owners?

In the year 2015, the price gold began its rapid and strong growth. The factors that influenced it were the actions of the European Central Banks which aimed to keep their gold reserves in their respective national deposits, and the Switzerland’s Central Bank actions that abandoned the ceiling established more than three years ago. The euro suffered sharp losses that consequently lead to a growth in the price of gold.


This precious metal showed all those who do not believe in its reliability that it can bring a considerable amount of income to its owners in the year 2015. The investors who bought gold previously, will get good profits.

Peter Schiff, famous economist and financial commentator, assessed today's situation of the gold market in one interview. He considers that the price of gold will promptly grow in almost all the currencies. The quickest grow, according to his words, will happen in Canada, Australia and even in Japan. In 30 days the price of gold went up to almost 200 euros per ounce! Even while the U.S. dollar grows, this metal keeps improving its positions. Its easy to imagine what will happen if the price of U.S. dollar goes down these days! The forecasts of many experts about this currency are no longer so positive.

According to Mr. Schiff, all external factors develop in favor of gold. Peter Schiff is sure that the price of gold will break all records and surpass the expectations of players of the gold market. The expert declares that the next currencies which will get rid of the connection to the dollar are the Chinese yuan and the Hong Kong's dollar. That will lead to a next shock in the market and the increase in prices of gold.

Now it is a high time to buy gold while the gold market is relatively calm and waiting for a new wave of increase in the gold prices. The advantages of this precious metal are already obvious to all investors and ordinary people. The clients of the Emgoldex company who buy gold bars in the online store of the company on the most favorable conditions, significantly increase their income. They made the right choice in the right time in the Emgoldex online store.


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Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2015-02-02 14:10

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