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Swiss banks increase its gold shares one more time!

Swiss banks increase its gold shares one more time!

The head of the Bank Vontobel Holding Ag, Zeno Staub, made the following statement: " Investors' holding in gold-backed funds are near the highest since October”. The share portfolio of this bank has seen an increase of the gold percentage by 25%. Institutions and individuals have begun to buy gold in large amounts. Gold has always been an excellent substitute for currencies.

From the data of the Vontobel Holding Ag company, it has become known that its subsidiary - the global finance company Vontobel Asset Management – had assets for the sum of 72 billion Swiss franc at the end of June 2014. From all the clients of the enterprise, 73% are institutional clients, such as banks, investment and insurance companies; and only less than 30% are individuals.


Now the need for activity of such enterprises as Vontobel Holding Ag and its subsidiaries to help clients invest and buy gold and keep it safe in storages grows together with the demand for gold.


Gold is one of the most reliable and promising assets for preservation of capital and it brings confidence and stability to its owners. Clients of the Emgoldex company take advantage of all the benefits of this precious metals buying it in the online store of the company.

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