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Weekly gold market review. 11.03.15

Weekly gold market review. 11.03.15

March began positively for the markets of precious metals. At the end of February the speech of the head of FRS, Janet Yellen became a support for the increase of precious metals prices. She announced the increase of the interest rate that served as a reason why the dollar goes down. And it is known that the markets of metals, in particular gold, grow when the dollar is weak. In this regard and with the help of some other factors, the beginning of March was favorable for gold prices.

According to the results for the 2 March, gold continued to strengthen its position though the dollar rate was stabilized. Now people listen to experts in the field of finances, such as Eric Sprott and Joe Foster. Both analysts now act in favor of the yellow metal, buying gold and giving good examples to show its importance today.

Quite recently Joe Foster spoke out in defense of gold. He has named the following 3 significant factors to explain an increase in prices:

- Recession of world gold mining

- Instability of U.S. economy that always causes an increased demand of gold, a reliable asset to preserve capital.

- Interest from investors from the countries of Asia who buy gold to secure the capital.

The production by Apple company of the new iWatch with gold case has become one of the most important factor that could bring about an increase in the price of gold. For the production, the company requires about 750 tons of gold annually, and this is 30% of all the yellow metal produced in the world per year. Therefore, prices of gold will inevitably rise.

According to the latest data, price of gold were at 1,154 dollars for troy ounce. It is important to note that it is influenced now by the growing dollar rate of the United States. Now the prices are on a local minimum in connection with seasonality. Experts predict a fast increase in prices which is often observed at the beginning and the middle of spring.


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