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Weekly gold market review 14.01.2015

Weekly gold market review 14.01.2015

The 2015 started with the growth of precious metals prices in the market amid the rising value of the dollar and the weakening of the US stock market.

Experts in the precious metals field expressed their opinion about future trends in the global market, in particular in terms of the yellow metal. They revealed the 5 main factors that will affect the price of gold in 2015.

1. Finance Policy

This factor supposedly is the most important for gold prices. As people have less confidence in paper money and are searching for assets that will help preserve their savings, this factor will positively affect gold.

2. High inflation

It is known that paper money depreciates over time. This happens with the majority of world currencies while gold keeps its strong position. What is more, in the long term it brings additional income to its owner.

3. The US stock market

The US stock market caused a lot of controversy on the money invested. Today, previous investments assets do not bring the expected results to the owners, so many investors are now turning to gold.

4. Demand for physical gold.

The demand for physical gold is highly supported by China and India, as well as by the Central Banks of other leading countries. They make gold reserves, thereby maintaining the stability of world gold prices.

The major events of India play an important role in the fate of gold. In addition, the government has announced new plans to introduce further restrictions on gold imports.

5. Precious metals reserves.

Since gold mining production's cost is higher than the current value of gold in the market, it is expected an increase in prices to satisfy the growing demand for gold.

At the same time, the production's cost of other precious metals and their market prices are at a well-established level, without supporting the growth of most precious metals prices.

According to the recent data, one ounce of gold increased in price by $ 30 since January 1 and stabilized at $ 1,230. This is good news for all the participants of the gold market who are expecting a further increase in the price of gold.

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