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Weekly gold market review. 25.02.15

Weekly gold market review. 25.02.15

According to the data for the first half of February it became known that the demand for precious metals decreased in connection with seasonality and large investors' leaving the precious metals markets. The platinoids suffered the most. And regarding gold and silver, the investment demand grew.

In the gold market, the large purchases by Central banks played a positive role. In comparison with 2013, in 2014 these financial institutions bought 16% more gold.

A large number of analysts and experts in the field of economy consider that the Central Banks are maintaining perpetual war buying reliable metal. However if we put our trust in the well-known financial guru and skilled investor Mark Faber, the ownership of assets has not harmed anybody yet. Therefore, gold purchase by banks can be explained only by their aspiration to ensure stability. Mr. Ferber admitted that he personally buys this valuable mineral for his investment portfolio.

Most of the analysts now would agree with Mark Ferber. It should be noted that despite the variability of prices of gold in the last years, investors could earn with this metal a considerable amount of money.

Today the markets of many precious metals don't look as attractive as the gold market. Doing the right choice in investments in gold makes it possible to get profit almost without risks in the long term.

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