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What were the most exciting gold robberies of all times?

What were the most exciting gold robberies of all times?

Gold bars have always give free rein to thieves' imagination! Many thieves have organized the most tricky plans to get rich thanks to this precious metal.

Nonetheless, every robbery has two parts, implement the strategic plan and the dangerous part to get rid of the evidence. To resell the gold bars it is necessary to melt it and control the problems involved. Despite the problems, gold bars are a temptation for demanding thieves.

Sometimes reality outdoes fiction. Find out the most intriguing and puzzling gold robberies of all times!

1. Brinks Mat, United Kingdom.

The well-known case of the biggest gold robbery in the history of England. In 1983, a gang of six thieves stormed the Brinks Mat, in Heathrow's airport thanks to a security guard. They expected millions of paper money and to their great surprise, there were 6,800 gold bars, 10 tons! It was said the gold was cursed, as 20 people died as a result of that robbery

2. Ezeiza, Argentina
In 1961, the stewardess Nelly Herrera informed her lover about the lack of security in customs. United for their love and love for money, they stole 400 gold bars in 15 min!

3. Mine La Herradura, Sonora, Mexico

In 2011, in the two most important gold mines located in Pitiquito and Sahuaripa, Sonora, some thieves stole an approximate figure between 12 and 18 kg of gold bars in a matter of seconds!

4. Bogota, Colombia

In 2008 a low security armored car carrying gold was attacked by the members of a band. They surrounded the car and threw petrol over it causing the escape of the driver. They just stole four gold bars, however their exchange value could be huge.

5. Great Train Robbery

In 1963, Bruce Reynolds led a band that stole gold in several train's carriages. The curious fact of this case is that they didn't need to use any weapon, as they pretended to be post office staff who had to move the cargo to another train. This smart move resulted in $ 3.5 millions even though 12 thieves were caught later.

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